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Welcome to Iguana Watch!

by Vijay Sarvepalli
A perl program to connect to yor webserver remotely and monitor every few minutes using TCPIP sockets and a simple perl program.

See This in action at Sample yahoo webserver watcher

Download code and instructions at Download Directory

Files Description
images/* Images for display Move/copy this to your htdocs or html directory
# cp images/* /var/www/html/.
# mv images /var/www/html
wherever your html directory is
monitor/ Move this directory to your /cgi-bin/ directory of your webserver
monitor/ THIS IS THE MAIN PROGRAM Should be running as a cron job chmod u+x ; Only execulable by root/authorized user not nobody or your webserver users.
monitor/ THIS IS THE PROGRAM TO ADD NEW SERVERS TO WATCH LIST Allows you to easily from command line chmod u+x; add new server or modify existing servers from STDIN by root/authorized user not nobody or your webserver users.
monitor/monitor-cron THIS IS THE CRON JOB You can move this to the /etc/cron.d directory or add this line to /etc/crontab cp ./monitor/monitor-cron /etc/cron.d/
monitor/index.cgi THIS IS THE WEB INTERFACE This page displays all the webserver/smtp servers that you are monitoring and their current status + their past history of up and down times.
monitor/fullindex.cgi THIS IS THE WEB INTERFACE FOR INDIVIDUAL SERVERS Just another interface for more detailed reports Such as up and down times in details.
monitor/ THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT FILE (EXAMPLE FILE). For each server you want to monitor, Just create a file called servername.server. For e.g.,, you will create a file called "" Here you need to enter the follwing info in pipe-delimited format ("|"); the data is service|admin-emailaddress|nothing For e.g, http||junk The last data is not really important yet. You can only monitor one service at a time. Suppose you have smtp and http running on a server that is called and ; you can create two files called with data "http||junk" and another file with data "smtp||junk"
I will be improving this program if you find any bugs send them to Copyright GPL you can modify and dstribute as you like only dont remove the information about the source of the program.

Vijay Sarvepalli


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